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Date 06.10.2003 @ 16:51:38

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Subtitle preview
{6221}{6306}There's simply no way to shield|against every weaponized agent.
{6308}{6354}Instead, I can make|super-immune systems...
{6356}{6421}by strengthening|the human cellular response.
{6422}{6469}Banner, I know|where you're going.
{6470}{6521}But manipulating|the immune system|is dangerous and stupid.
{6522}{6617}The president's science advisors|made it absolutely clear...
{6619}{6691}no human subjects.
{7222}{7270}David, I have|wonderful news.
{7342}{7395}I'm gonna have a baby.
{9790}{9881}What's it gonna be?|Whoa, look at that, Bruce. Huh?|Want a dinosaur?
{9883}{9944}Let's have a little fight.
{9946}{10002}You don't scare me.
{10052}{10129}That's a delicious eyeball.|Ooh, you're big and green and scary.|I'm gonna run away.
{10774}{10828}Really, speaking of Cheryl,|guess what...
{10830}{10877}Bruce,|you're hurt!
{10906}{10980}Jack hit him with the stick,|but Bruce wouldn't|hit him back.
{10982}{11043}He just stood there,|shaking.
{11045}{11093}It's okay.
{11262}{11308}Yeah, strange|he didn't make a peep.
{11310}{11369}Any other kid|would've wailed his head off.
{11370}{11409}That's Bruce. He's like that.
{11410}{11472}He's just so... bottled up.
{11574}{11644}The samples we found in your lab...|they were human blood.
{11646}{11692}You've ignored protocol.
{11694}{11760}You had no right|snooping around in my lab.
{11762}{11808}That's my business.
{11810}{11905}Wrong, Banner.|It's government business,|and you're off the project.
{12436}{12504}Attention, all personnel.|Fail-safe has been initiated.
{12505}{12568}Gamma decontamination|will occur in 30 minutes!
{12570}{12610}Evacuate immediately!

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