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Uploader jdinic3

Date 09.05.2009 @ 18:10:16

OMDb 144649

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Language English

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FPS 23,976

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{1}{72}movie info: XVID 704x272 23.976fps 1.4 GB|/SubEdit b.4060 ()/
{366}{414}{y:i}[Man Narrating]|{y:i}In the summer of 1953...
{416}{489}{y:i}it was announced that an atomic bomb|{y:i}of foreign origin...
{491}{579}{y:i}had been exploded somewhere|{y:i}outside of the United States.
{581}{666}{y:i}Shortly thereafter, it was indicated|{y:i}that this atomic reaction...
{668}{714}{y:i}according|{y:i}to scientific reports...
{716}{808}{y:i}had originated in a remote area|{y:i}in North Pacific waters...
{810}{881}{y:i}somewhere between the northern tip|{y:i}of theJapanese islands...
{883}{930}{y:i}and the arctic circle.
{931}{991}{y:i}This is the story|{y:i}of that explosion.
{4151}{4214}[Horn Honks]
{4376}{4422}[Horn Honks]
{4595}{4642}[Honks Twice]
{5160}{5216}[Speaking French]
{5218}{5264}Oh!|[Speaking French]
{5266}{5337}[French Continues]
{5338}{5406}Professor Montel.|I'm McCleary of the {y:i}Herald Tribune.
{5408}{5455}Oh, yes.|How do you do?
{5457}{5541}I understand that you're going to Vienna|to address the, uh...
{5542}{5598}Central European Federation|of Advanced Scientists.
{5600}{5646}That is correct.
{5648}{5719}I will read a paper on the emission of neutrons|and collision of nuclei.
{5721}{5767}Thank you,|Professor.
{5769}{5839}- Will any of the American Atomic|Energy Commission be present?|- I doubt it.
{5974}{6037}Will you excuse me,|gentlemen?
{6039}{6098}{y:i}[Man Speaking French|{y:i}On P.A.]
{6431}{6509}[French Continues]
{6510}{6576}- [French]|- {y:i}Oui.

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