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Subtitle College (2008)

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Subtitle preview
{4177}{4221}Hey, Mom! Gina, Morris and I|are gonna leave
{4221}{4266}for Fieldmont right after| school today.
{4266}{4345}I completely forgot about that.|Can you do it next weekend?
{4345}{4437}Derek was gonna take me|tomorrow night for dinner.
{4437}{4489}God! It's already 7:00?|-We can't.
{4489}{4553}Morris has a scholarship meeting|and we're having campus tour.
{4553}{4620}Carter.|- Hi. What's up Ms. B?
{4651}{4766}Dude, she threw off my groove!|I was almost at the top level.
{4769}{4801}Hey, Carter.|- What's up, man?
{4801}{4862}What's up, little people?
{4910}{4946}Running a little bit low.
{4946}{4993}Kev! Can I ask you a question?
{4993}{5069}You know that book that Miss Dangle|makes everybody read about the mice?
{5069}{5147}{Y:i}- You mean Of Mice and Men?|- Bingo! That's the one, yeah.
{5147}{5185}So let me get this straight.
{5185}{5303}These two dudes dream of buying|a farm together to raise rabbits?
{5345}{5435}And I'm no expert,|but doesn't that seem a little...
{5435}{5541}I don't know. Kind of G-A-Y?
{5541}{5578}Dude, I think you're|kind of missing the point.
{5578}{5660}We can spell, Carter.|- Yeah, dumb A-S-S.
{5671}{5717}Dude. Satan's children, I swear.|Spawn of Satan.
{5822}{5916}Right. Come on, guys!|Mrs. Seavers is here. Let's go!
{5936}{5994}Grab your backpacks.
{6166}{6192}Oh, yeah!
{6192}{6236}All right, see you guys!
{6457}{6530}Would you look at this guy?|Why are we hanging out with him?
{6530}{6565}Hey, Morris.|- Hey, guys.
{6565}{6630}Hey, Morris, what's up|with all the geek books?
{6630}{6677}I've got a scholarship interview|in a day, Carter.

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