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Date 25.09.2008 @ 16:21:38

OMDb 42315

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Subtitle preview
{4061}{4108}That's a nice boy.
{4133}{4180}Go get him, Dulli.
{4205}{4228}Get in.
{4420}{4467}-We good?|-Oh, yeah.
{4468}{4587}Are we good? Yeah, we're good.|We're beautiful. We're perfect.
{4588}{4707}This is grade-A. 100ş% pure Colombian|cacaine, ladies and gentlemen.
{4708}{4779}Disco shit. Pure as the driven snow.
{4804}{4851}Myname is George Jung...
{4852}{4923}federal inmate number|19225004.
{4996}{5043}I was born in New England...
{5044}{5115}Massachusetts, actually,|in a town called Weymouth.
{5116}{5139}That's me.
{5140}{5211}And that's mybest friend, Tuna.
{5212}{5283}Mydad ran a plumbing and|heating company.
{5284}{5379}He hard three trucks, ten employees|and did bigjobs.
{5380}{5427}-He was myhero.|-Did you do it?
{5428}{5499}-I didn't fall once.|-Attaboy. See you tonight, okay?
{5500}{5595}-Can I please come to work with you?|-Fred. Let's go. Say goodbye.
{5596}{5715}Clam it. I'll talk to my boy as long as|I want to. Ya got a problem with that?
{5834}{5881}You really want to some?
{5930}{5977}What the heck? All right.
{6002}{6097}-All right, get your boots.|-Thanks, Dad. Thanks.
{6098}{6217}Bill, what's your problem? Guess who's|on clean up today. And buyin' lunch.
{6218}{6289}Money! M-O-N-E-Y!|That's yourjob, not mine!
{6290}{6361}Dad worked hard, but didn't earn|enough to please Mom.
{6362}{6409}Why do you think I married you?
{6410}{6457}She'd thoughtshe'd married|above herclass.
{6458}{6529}He'dpromised her the moon,|but didn't deliver.
{6530}{6625}The true was, business gotslow|and we were broke.
{6626}{6673}Don't touch me!|Look at your hands.

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